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Re: Best way to package skippy

Note to Steve Kemp:
This would be my reply, if I seem to ... hard-edged, please do not
forward it to the others CC:
          David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net>,
	  Debian Mentors ML <debian-mentors@lists.debian.org>,  kov@debian.org,

Hi, I've been packaging skippy, and there are a *lot* of enhancements
my package should get:

security: the code is full of static buffers and a proper audit must
          be done. Being currently in an exam time-lap. 
          I don't have as much time as I'd wish to do the work, and
          the upstream author is everything but responsive (nor kind).

          Steve Kemp and I fastly audited the code, but we found a
          single problematic easy exploitable security flaw ( that is
          fixed in the currently-stuck-in-NEW package.

xinerama support: I've thought splitting the package in 2 ( one with
          xinerama support and one without it ) as the source allows
          it. So that skippy doesn't depend on xinerama libs for the
          users that won't be using them.
          The package is done, but as the old one is sitting in
          NEW for nearly a month, I don't want to retain skippy from
          entering Debian by uploading a new version.

skippy-xd: we should have a single package for skippy and skippy-xd,
          with a little wrapper to choose the best fitted one.

user-integration: Is it really right that *all* users on a box get
          skippy activated by default ? skippy's way to get keystrokes
          ( only for launching itself) breaks xbindkeys and this kind of
          stuff, so I don't think it is right to launch it by default
          for *all* the users.

          IMHO, the right way to solve this is to turn skippy in a
          little server that would listen Desktop based ( GNOME, KDE,
          ... ) applets or a small binary for launching the drawing

          If everyone agrees on this, I can mail the upstream author
          to ask him to implement this ( as I don't believe it should
          be Debian specific ) but I really have little hope he will. 
          I may be able to do it, but I'm really to busy atm.

          But the best solution I've seen so far was proposed by Steve
          Kemp, and is to add an howto for system administrators in
          /usr/share/doc/skippy/README.Debian that explains how
          automatizing the launch.
If any one feels to do the changes, I'd gladly integrate them to the
skippy package.

Niv Altivanik <xaiki+deb@cxhome.ath.cx>
Debian::GNU/Linux::Addict, Wannabe Debian Developper, 
please test my packages: http://cxhome.ath.cx/debian

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