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Re: Multiple documentation files with the same name

On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 09:47:38PM +0100, Mattia Belletti wrote:
> Hi all - here's Mattia/RedGlow. I'm a brand new wannabe debian packager ^_^.
> I'm packaging VDE (http://vde.sourceforge.net), and I've encountered a 
> problem: in the source package, multiple documentation files are all 
> named README, under different directories (bochs/README, qemu/README, 
> etc...), and I would like to put them all in /usr/share/doc/vde. If I 
> simply list them in debian/docs, they're overwritten, and only the last 
> one remains. Ideally, I would like to rename them (bochs/README -> 
> README.Debian, qemu/README -> README.qemu) - what's the right way to 
> accomplish this result?
for f in $(find -name README); do
	install -m 644 $f debian/vde/usr/share/doc/vde/README.$(basename $(dirname $f));

You can even include that as a $(shell) fragment in debian/rules, if
you escape $ to $$.

But, you should make sure that you actually want all those installed.


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