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Re: RFS: Peercast

> --------- Message d'origine --------
> De: Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org>
> A: Romain Beauxis <beauxir5@cti.ecp.fr>
> Copies: debian-mentors@lists.debian.org
> Objet: Re: RFS: Peercast
> Date: 27/02/05 21:13
> > On 27 Feb 2005, at 19:27, Romain Beauxis wrote:
> > > Yes that is the main problem, because it may depends on the
end user
> > > configuration.
> > > Will the Conflicts for icecast prevent from installing both
of them?
> >
> > I hope so.

So that is not what I want.
In fact, the start up time of peercast may depends on the use one would make
of it:
if it is a main streaming server, then at startup, it has start early so
that the sources find it when they start.
If it is a relay, it may start later, as it has to listen to stream
(provided by icecast for instance) that must exist.
Another case is when you use it only for your personnal use, and in that
case the start up time is not important.

Can I ask the question in this way:
What use do you want for your server:
-- Main streaming server, start early
-- Normal personnal use, start middely
-- Relay, start lately

Or else, I can provide an information message in the way:
The start up time has been set to 60, you can change it by using the
update-rc.d command."

> > >> And why is "+radiopi" mentioned in
the version of
> > >> the package?
> > > Because I made two changes from the source.
> > > Do I have to make a new version?
> > > Or else?
> >
> > Just include the changes directly in the diff or use ``dpatch'' for a
> > better patch management. But I encourage you to submit those patches
> > upstream if it makes sense. If they are Debian-specific, you should
> > keep them in the Debian-diff anyway.

So, I'll keep the 0.1211 version name, and the changes will be in debian
diff (where they allready are in fact..)



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