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Re: About x.org and other packages

Re: Rafael Fernández López in <41F41D41.7090709@maestroprogramador.com>
> I'm looking for a package that I like to keep it care of.

You have to find one yourself. For example, browse the WNPP bug list
(if you are really interested in Debian, you know what this is) to see
if there's something interesting.

> I've some questions, of course for being a newbie Debian maintainer
> (because I'm an "advanced?" Debian user), I'm not going to take care of
> x.org, but I'd like to see it into official Debian repositories instead
> of our XFree86, x.org is more powerful and It improves in many ways
> compatibility. So I  was wondering if someone is going to bring it to
> Debian.

X.org will eventually be part of Debian, but only after Sarge.

> I've read how I can reach the Debian maintainer role, and I've some
> questions. I've to write here for the package that I want to maintain,
> true?, then I should be helped by another maintainer to learn how to
> build packages the best way, right?

To start, read the newmaint-guide.

> I think I got the most important points about how to be a Debian
> maintainer and I dream with a "something@debian.org" email address, hehe.

*bzzt* this is a sure way *not* to get one ;-)

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