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Re: two question refarding a package I am adopting

Sven Mueller wrote:
> Jereme Corrado wrote on 07/01/2005 21:34:
> >	And my second question... The new version, (1.5.4) ships with
> >	a little web interface...
> Well, I don't know how tightly the web interface is linked (not in the 
> ld.so sense, but interface-wise) to the actual program. But I could 
> imagine two packages: The program itself including the templates in one 
> package and the web interface in another package (which would depend on 
> the program obviously and on a webserver).

The more I look at it, the web part is really ancillary, it even
mentions that it is for the purpose of "test driving" disc-cover.
Should I just omit it all together?  I can certainly drop it in
another package but it's VERY small, two file, about 400 lines of
perl.  I am starting to see why the old package chose to omit it
entirely.  Your thoughts?

thanks once again,

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