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Re: two question refarding a package I am adopting

Jereme Corrado wrote on 07/01/2005 21:34:
	disc-cover is a Perl program that creates jewel case liner
	notes in a number of formats.  The new version has moved to a
	template system for the various types of jewel cases.  I
	checked FHS as pointed to by the Policy manual.  I think these
	template files should go in `/usr/share/disc-cover', is this

Well, do they change during runtime (e.g. by downloading a new set from within the program)? If so, you should use /var/lib, otherwise, you should use /usr/share/disc-cover like you guessed. So yes, I think you are probably right.

	And my second question... The new version, (1.5.4) ships with
	a little web interface where you can search FreeDB for albums
	and generate the jewel case inserts, (as versus the main use
	case which builds an insert for the CD in your drive).  The
	version that is currently packaged, (1.4.0) also included this
	interface but it wasn't included in the package.  Should I
	include this?  Should I setup it up based on a debconf
	question?  Should I just include the needed files and
	instructions for someone to set it up themselves?  How should
	this one be handled?

Well, I don't know how tightly the web interface is linked (not in the ld.so sense, but interface-wise) to the actual program. But I could imagine two packages: The program itself including the templates in one package and the web interface in another package (which would depend on the program obviously and on a webserver).


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