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Re: Advice in 3 packages

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> > Upstream author says nothing (in his docs) about deploying this library
> > system wide. What I did for Debian was install it at /usr/lib/log4sh/
> My only thought; because this is shellscript, it is architecture
> independent.  So, install to /usr/share/log4sh/.
Uhm.. Ok, it'll move ti /usr/share/log4sh
> Also, please be sure that you have ./debian/control: Architecture: all
> (unless you are compiling something, then its Architecture: any).
> Otherwise, there would be ~12 separate packages, 1 per arch.

Already fixed that yeah, now it's set to Architecture: all

Thanks for the help, I'm looking forward hearing more advice
from all of you :)


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