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Re: RFS: When, Ben Crowell

On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 11:18:19PM +0000, Ben Crowell wrote:
> The software is available here:
>   http://www.lightandmatter.com/when/when.html
> The tarball is capable of building the debian package if you
> do a 'make debian', but it requires my own GPG key's password.
> If the idea is to have the sponsor GPG-sign the package, then
> the sponsor should edit the lines in the Makefile that define

You should change that to build using standard Debian procedures and tools
if you want to get the package into Debian.  Specifically, you'll need to
provide your sponsor with a standard Debian source package (containing
orig.tar.gz, diff.gz, and dsc files).  It looks like all you might have to
do is rename debian_stuff to debian and add things like a changelog to the
debian directory.

In general, it's best to produce your software independent of Debian, and
then add the Debian-specific parts to create a Debian package.  The benefit
of this is that if people want to make packages for another distribution,
they're not left with a Debian taste in their mouths.  <grin>  Remember,
some sick person may want to run your code on a Windows box one day...

- Matt

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