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maint-guide update (pbuilder, linda, orig.tar.gz etc.)


I have been merging many BTS reports on maint-guide per Josip's loose
approval.  Can anyone look into my changes to proofread it (Debian site
has been somewhat updated but I have more changes committed now. Now FAQ,
NM, linda, pbuilder etc. are all mentioned. So you need to wait 1 day or
so to be current.)


or specifically check correctness for the following sentences.  
(I welcome English grammar correction too.)

Josip (or I if he agrees) will upload package after new year day, 
I hope.

9.3 The orig.tar.gz file

If you simply copy contents of debian/ directory from old package into
new upstream version of source tree and try to build package, you may
end up with unintended result of creating a native source package which
comes without diff.gz file. This type of packaging is allowed for the
packages made only for Debian. [2]

Here, you must have the upstream tar ball as orig.tar.gz file in the
parent directory. Usually, this tar ball should untar to a source tree
rooting from a directory with a name <packagename>-<upstream_version>/.
In this cases, orig.tar.gz source file can be obtained by simply rename
upstream tar ball to the original file name
<packagename>_<upstream_version>.orig.tar.gz . Please note that the 2
changes exist between source tree directory name and the tar file name:

    * Change hyphen "-" to underscore "_"
    * Add "orig." before "tar.gz."

The dh_make command usually takes care creation of orig.tar.gz file. 
Some people argue that, even for the Debian specific package, it is a
better practice to package the contents of debian/ directory residing
not in the orig.tar.gz file but in the diff.gz file. 

>From changelog
  * Add Korean translation by Yooseong Yang <yooseong@debian.org> .
  * Fix Policy chapter for changelog for all languages.
    (closes: #216405, #243339)
  * Fix debian/rule example for all languages. (closes: #244463)
  * List <package/xutils/  for all but ES and RU. (closes: #167395)
  * Fixed only in English.  Still unfixed for translations.
    - Fix file location while introducing default.ent. (closes: #203609)
    - Add linda and pbuilder (closes: #287064)
    - Add mentors-FAQ URL (closes: #279312)
    - Add dupload example (closes: #114948)
    - Add -sa option, cvs-buildackage etc., dpatch.
    - Add Build dep method per virlon's debian-mentor posting.
    - Address issues of Debian native package. (closes: #128077)
    - Add reference to buildd and FTBFS in pbuilder. (closes: #138575)
    - Make working directory name consistent: ~/gentoo/ . (closes: #174816)
    - Minor wording polishes and tag updates. (closes: #258273)
  * Translation updated with CVS


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