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Re: (2nd try) RFS: Erudite Directory Service Admin

Mark Roach:

> These are native packages i.e. The debian packaging info is part of
> the upstream tarball (I am the author). It is my understanding that
> since there is no difference between upstream and packaged versions
> no diff is necessary... isn't this right?

When I've released upstream software and Debian versions at the same
time, and where Debian wasn't the primary "platform", I have included
the debian subdirectory in the upstream tarball, but I have created it
as a regular Debian package, meaning that -1 got an empty diff. When
I subsequently released a -2, still from the upstream CVS, I did
generate a diff, relative to the -1 release. That diff was then quite
small (only the -2 release in the changelog file, plus the minor fixes
to other files).

In the upstream CVS, I have the debian subdirectory on a separate
branch, so that if the main author releases a tarball, it will be
released without the debian subdirectory, and I can then create a
tarball as usual.

I've found that this works quite well.

(The package in question is "jwhois", in case you want to have a look)

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