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Re: (2nd try) RFS: Erudite Directory Service Admin

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 21:25 -0500, Mark Roach wrote:
> > You should also provide .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz files to extract
> > source packages.
> These are native packages i.e. The debian packaging info is part of the
> upstream tarball (I am the author). It is my understanding that since
> there is no difference between upstream and packaged versions no diff is
> necessary... isn't this right?

Right, I didn't figured out because of the version in the package: When
dealing with native packages, there is no need for adding a Debian
revision, so your versions should look like 0.1, instead of a «common»
0.1-1 or so.

Building the package on a pbuilder environment brings this error:

checking for X... no
checking for gconftool-2... no
configure: error: gconftool-2 executable not found in your path - should
be installed with GConf
make: *** [config.status] Error 1
pbuilder: Failed autobuilding of package

You should just need to build-depend on gconf2.

And just a personal note. If there is not previous release of edsadmin
in the Debian archive why list them on changelog.Debian.gz? This
obviously will vary from any maintainer's point of view. But in this
case, I just see debian/changelog needed for tracking package's changes
which will be in the archive, and besides, this would reaffirm this
since, being this a native package, you maintain ChangeLog (probably
asked for avoiding any autoconf complains) and debian/changelog. I hope
I could get myself clear and understandable :-)


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