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Re: Looking for a sponsor

Patrze w ekran, a to Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo pisze do mnie:
> How does your package differ from konwert?
> Has it got some advantages?

These two packages have very similar functionality. I dont know konwert 
very well so I cannot tell much about differences between these two 
packages. I thing that whether user would use polcnv or konwert is the 
question of personal preference. (that's why I think it should be in 


M.Sc. Maciej Dems          maciej.dems@phys.p.lodz.pl
C o m p u t e r   P h y s i c s   L a b o r a t o r y
Institute of Physics,    Technical University of Lodz
ul. Wolczanska 219, 93-005 Lodz, Poland, +48426313649

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