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Re: Introducing myself and my package

 --- Florian Ernst <florian@uni-hd.de> escribió: 
> Hello Miriam, hello list!

Hi!! Lots of thanks for your comments! :)

> There is a RFP filed at
> <http://bugs.debian.org/282153>. In order to
> prevent duplicated effort in packaging, please
> retitle the bugreport
> as your packaging seems to be quite advanced, see
> <http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/#howto-rfp> for
> details.

I hadn't seen it. I've changet it to ITP :)

> BTW, the name "X Windows" is deprecated, see for
> example
> additionally you might want to consider the upstream
> homepage to the
> long description as well, see the rest of the Best
> Packaging Practices
> for reference.

I've replaced that with X Window System :)

> Hm, the server certificate was only valid until
> 2002-12-20.

Yep, I know, I'm sorry. It's a personal computer at
home, because I don't have a better place for putting
it right now. As it's just me who usually connects to
tha computer, I just didn't mind about it.

> I see there is an empty .dsc.asc on this page. If
> you want to provide
> a signature this can easily be done using debsign
> from the devscripts
> package.

Yep :) I've removed that empty file for the moment :)

> Previously I was thinking about possibly packaging
> this useless, but
> funny toy myself, but now I believe it is in good
> hands. :)

Thanks!!! :))))

> I recommend this for sponsoring, but cannot do it
> myself as I'm no
> developer.

Lots of thanks,

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