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Re: pkg-classifier revised

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 05:41:09PM -0400, vegetax wrote:
> Well , thanks to your previous suggestions i could get a clean package build
> for pkg-classifier package, so can someone check it?
You should run lintian on it.  ('debuild' does this automatically).

./debian/control has lines which are probably too long: 84 characters
instead of 70 (my preference).  Also, lines are indented with 4 spaces
instead of 1.

Please capitalize Debian in your short description.

You need to rewrite your long description in ./debian/control and in
.../doc/README.  Use spaces after commas, capitalize sentences, etc.

s/increadibly//, its misspelled, and doesn't add any information anyway.

Don't tell people what *your* favorite file explorer is, just use it
as an example.

You should probably use a real name in changelog.Debian, README,
control, etc.

I would also feel alot safer if you would further protect this line of

	os.system('rm -rf %s' % xpath)

Put another conditional around that!  Make sure that xpath begins with
the given path, and contains at least two nonconsecutive slashes (just
a suggestion).  Also make sure that it does not contain spaces (but
then you need to deal with quotting).  By the way, are you dealing
with quoting?  pkg-classifier '/my/home/directory /' had better not
run "rm -fr /my/home/directory /", especially as root.

Careful testing it though, I would recommend adding a (properly
secured) test account.

./debian/copyright file should say "Copyright 2004 by (your name)".
reference the GPL in
/usr/share/common-licenses (lintian will warn you too).


> the description for the package is:
>  the pkg-classifier is a simple but increadibly usefull command,its purpose
> is to classify your current package database,to organize "all" the packages
> you have on your system without making a single change to them,in order to
> avoiding potencial problems,how? by creating symbolic links against them.
> .
>  it creates a directory structure in ~/programFiles(by default),containing
> all the debian categories(ie:base,sound,alien),inside each category there
> are all their respective packages,inside each package there are all the
> files which belongs to each package,created as symbolic links in their
> respective directories(ie:doc,bin)
> . 
>  With pk-classifier you can browse your debian installed system in an easy
> and fast way, either with the "tree" utility or with your favorite file
> explorer,mine is konqueror.

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