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pkg-classifier revised

Well , thanks to your previous suggestions i could get a clean package build
for pkg-classifier package, so can someone check it?

the description for the package is:

 the pkg-classifier is a simple but increadibly usefull command,its purpose
is to classify your current package database,to organize "all" the packages
you have on your system without making a single change to them,in order to
avoiding potencial problems,how? by creating symbolic links against them.
 it creates a directory structure in ~/programFiles(by default),containing
all the debian categories(ie:base,sound,alien),inside each category there
are all their respective packages,inside each package there are all the
files which belongs to each package,created as symbolic links in their
respective directories(ie:doc,bin)
 With pk-classifier you can browse your debian installed system in an easy
and fast way, either with the "tree" utility or with your favorite file
explorer,mine is konqueror.

The url for the zip file is:
http://files.bighosting.net/lt13099.zip , it contains:

-  pkg-classifier_0.5-1_all.deb
-  pkg-classifier_0.5-1.dsc
-  pkg-classifier_0.5-1_i386.changes
-  pkg-classifier_0.5-1.tar.gz

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