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Re: debhelper not using debian/<package>/

Read debhelper(7); in short, `echo 4 >debian/compat` makes it do what
you want.


On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 01:42:40PM -0800, ms419@freezone.co.uk wrote:
> Why is debhelper using debian/tmp/ as build directory, instead of  
> debian/<package>/?
> The debhelper documentation agrees with my experience, that it uses  
> debian/<package>/ by default, but one of my packages is using  
> debian/tmp/, without "-P" or "--tmpdir" options anywhere. Has anyone  
> else experienced this?
> It is a kernel module source package; I build it using make-kpkg. I  
> used dh_make to create it. Here it is, FWIW  
> (http://newcgi.sfu.ca/~jdbates/debian/pool/bluetooth-alsa/bluetooth- 
> alsa-source_200412050-1_all.deb)
> Is it possible to test for debhelper's build directory in my  
> debian/rules? To use "INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(DH_BUILDDIR)/", instead of  
> hardcoding "INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(CURDIR)/debian/$(pmodules)/" or  
> "INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/"?

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