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Re: pkg-classifier appliance

Frank Küster wrote:

> vegetax <vegeta.z@gmail.com> wrote:
>> The url for the tgz containing the source code, just 1 python file and a
>> README is http://files.bighosting.net/lh13023.zip  ,
> Why on earth do you think it makes sense to zip a tar.gz file? It even
> gets bigger.

because the site in which i uploaded it just accepts .zip file extensions,i
could have renamed it,to not make it bigger ^ ^, in my previous post i
submited all the necesary files, the .dsc .changes,.. etc ,please check it

>> can someone  please
>> check it and upload it to the testing or unstable dist ?
> First of all, I don't understand the package description. The README
> file gives some more insight in what it might be, but the package
> description should be sufficient for an admin to decide whether to
> install it.

I think you are right about this.

> Personally I think it would be much better to use existing tools like
> apt-cache, grep-dctrl and dlocate. For me they are sufficient. Your
> example applications can be easily substituted:
> ,----
> | for example you want to see what sound programs you have,you go to the
> | sound category
> `----
> grep-available -F Section -s Package sound
> (or apt-cache search sound, if you like more hits)
> ,----
> | or maybe you want to know what executables has a package you just
> | installed,lets say apt-utils,then you go to admin -> apt-utils -> bin
> | and check the binaries
> `----
> dlocate -L apt-utils | grep /bin
> I think it would be nice to have a common interface for these utilities,
> or even a menu-driven program or a GUI. Maybe it's fun for you to create
> such a thing?

can you please try it before you asume too much from the example? the same
information i listedin the samples could be gathered in 10 differentes
ways, but i think the mine is easier, even for experienced users. 
An interface ? open konqueror and navigate through the tree of packages ,
cant be easier
> Second, please have a look at your rules file. It's full of unnecessary
> cruft, do you know what "CFLAGS" are?

I know, is just that i am new to make and C and its CFlags so i didnt
cleaned up the rules file yet, i am still experimenting. 

> Third, please read the Debian Policy and the Filesystem Hierarchy
> Standard and find a suitable place for your data. /programFiles is
> certainly *not* acceptable.

Yep, but it is just a convinience location for new users to discover it.And
to not type a long path to locate things fast.

> Regards, Frank

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