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pkg-classifier appliance

hello , i have made a program i want to submit , i am new to developing
debian packages , can someone please upload the package so that it can
be tested? the file is atached in this mail.
Its basic description is:

the pkg-classifier is a simple but increadibly usefull command,its purpose
is to classify your current package database,to organize all the packages
you have on your system without making a single change to them,in order to
avoiding potencial problems,how? by creating symbolic links against them.

Usually a debian system has so so many commands that is imposible to
remember all them, but dont panic, you still can master all of them with a
single point of reference,so pkg-classifier creates a dir structure that is
the same as the debian package classificaton system

Attachment: pkg-classifier_0.5-1_i386.deb
Description: application/debian-package

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