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Re: Package split/merge advice

On 07/12/2004 at 04:49 Frank Küster wrote...

> I didn't check how big the individual upstream data files are, but yes,
> if they are rather small, you can consider creating a merged
> "orig".tar.gz file from all of them.

Most of it are small, and the packages for other systems have gone
from one single -data to splitted as upstream does.

> There are also disadvantages, however. Most importantly, you should only
> do that if upstream always releases the data files in one go. If they
> are released separately, at different times and with different version
> numbers, you probably won't be happy with a merged orig.tar.gz - you
> would always have to create it newly even if only one component changed;
> and you'd have problems picking a version number.

Yes, that was my main concern. However I've been tracking releases and
they seem to be done at once together with game release, so it
proabably will ease things. And for making it more flexible for
non-sync updates I think i'll go for two -data packages, so in case
some new track or car its updated in the meantime I can release a new



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