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Re: All Bugzilla important bugs are fixed.

* Francesco Paolo Lovergine (frankie@debian.org) disait :
> Ok, I'm just adding a little fix for a lintian complain and
> re-formatting the changelog. Thanks for your efforts, postinst has
> now a better shape.

Great, happy the read that.

I really enjoyed fixing the bugzilla package, if help is needed again
for this package, I would like to follow up the task. 

> BTW, this upload will fix #196114 also, does not it?

Well, I must say I was not aware of that bug. Moreover, during my tests,
I didn't reproduce it.

My box has a mysql-server running with default values and my bugzilla
package run well with it. 

I guess this bug is closed but I cannot say that my package is responsible 
of the fix.


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    * Another Linux Debian Geek Enthusiast
    * http://www.sukria.net
    * http://www.debian.org - Just for code.

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