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Re: All Bugzilla important bugs are fixed.

In gmane.linux.debian.devel.mentors, you wrote:
> I would like to inform you about the work that was done concerning the
> [1]Bugzilla package.

Very good, 250638 was the remaining blocker for a Sarge reintroduction
after the recent NMU with the security fixes. I was having a look at
it, but was blocked by other work and some time in hospital when I broke
my lower leg in a Rugby match.

> There is currently one Release Critical Bug on it (#250638) and 3
> Important bugs (#200707, #154249 (..)
> For the 3 others bugs, I've made a patch that can fix them.

All three patches posted to the BTS look fine.

> As I am not a Debian Developer, I cannot upload an NMU on the RC bug and
> ask here for a sponsor.

Francesco P. Lovergine <frankie@debian.org> NMUed the security fixes
in 2.16.7 and offered to take care of 250638 as well. I'm CCing him
to this mail.


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