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Re: `tcpshow` package

[Apologies for the Cc if you're subscribed; a lot of people treat this list
as a write-only medium]

On Sat, Oct 30, 2004 at 06:54:47AM -0700, C.J. Steele wrote:
> I recently noticed there was no debian package for `tcpshow` (nor is
> tcpshow even being maintained currently) so I've taken the liberty of
> putting together a package for tcpshow.  I've got the package on-line,
> as well as my sources, at http://sodaphish.com/tcpshow_1.74-1_i386.deb
> and http://sodaphish.com/tcpshow-1.74.tar.gz.  I've read over the New
> Maintainer's Guide and I don't have an Advocate; the suggestion in the
> New Maintainer's Guide was that I contact this list to get the ball
> rolling on either becoming a maintainer or getting my package adopted. 
> Anyone want to be my Advocate or adopt my package?

I think you'll want to read over the FAQ a little first:


You don't get an advocate first up, and if you want someone else to
maintain the package (adoption) then you want either an RFP (Request For
Packaging) or a RFA (Request For Adoption) depending on whether the package
exists in Debian currently.  I think you probably want a sponsor, in the
first instance.

- Matt

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