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Re: RFS: LSongs? :)

Wesley J Landaker wrote:

On Tuesday 17 August 2004 21:27, Lawrence Williams wrote:
That would be great. For now, I'd just like some help with the two
dependencies i need for my lsongs package. Both are only small
packages and should be fairly easy to clean up. They are mostly clean
now as I've inherited the work of a previous maintainer. I'll upload
them to mentors later and send you the info.

I'd send an RFS to debian-mentors for each package separately, even if you think they're all related--some mentor may be interested in sponsoring one but not the other.

Feel free to CC me when you post them, and I will try to help if I have the time, but I can't guarantee it at this point.

P.S. you are a DD? :P

Yes. (=


I've gotten a sponsor for the remaining missing depends for LSongs. Thanks to him, I've gotten all the lintian problems with both of them fixed ( I ended up learning to write good man pages :) ). Now, I'm working on LSongs while i'm waiting for him to check the packages and get back to me.

I've created a man page for it. The remaining lintian errors are being caused by upstream placing image files under /usr/lib ). Gonna contact the author at Lindows and see what's up with it.

Later guys!

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