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RFS: motion - please upload new revision with debconf fix

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I was hoping that my sponsor of motion would have the time this week to 
do a new upload which has a couple of very small fixes, but 
unfortunately I haven't heard from him yet, so I'm really, really 
hoping for a kind DD to notice this mail and sponsor the upload.

Here's the new changelog entry:
  * Only prompt user with debconf info, if an earlier version of motion
    has already been installed (Closes: #263717).
  * Include French po-debconf translation by Olivier Trichet
    <olivier.trichet@freesurf.fr> (Closes: #264549).
  * Update debian/watch file.

Especially the debconf thing is worth an upload, I think. It's annoying 
to get prompted for something that isn't relevant.

Package available at: <http://sentinel.dk/debian/motion/>

Package is lintian clean and builds in a pbuilder chroot environment.
In general it is in very good shape, I think, so it should not take long 
to review it.

Package name: motion
Version: 3.1.14
Upstream source: http://motion.sourceforge.net/
Upstream author: Kenneth Lavrsen <kenneth@lavrsen.dk>
License: GPLv2
Description: V4L capture program supporting motion detection
 Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from
 one or more cameras and is able to detect if a significant
 part of the picture has changed. Or in other words, it can
 detect motion.
 Motion is a command line based tool. It has no graphical
 user interface. Everything is setup either via the
 command line or via configuration files.
 The output from motion can be:
    - jpg files
    - ppm format files
    - mpeg video sequences
 Also, motion has its own minimalistic web server. Thus,
 you can access the webcam output from motion via a browser.

Best regards,
- -- 
Frederik Dannemare | mailto:frederik@dannemare.net
http://frederik.dannemare.net | http://www.linuxworlddomination.dk
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