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Re: RFS: cc65 - Cross development suite for 65xxx processors

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David Weinehall wrote:
| Well, I'm not fond of non-free either, and I neither use nor maintain
| any non-free packages, so sponsoring one would indeed be a bit awkward.
| And reading the thread on debian-legal, it seems that upstream has a
| somewhat strange perspective towards copyright issues, so I'm afraid
| I'll have to withdraw my offer to sponsor you, at least for the time
| beingg.  While it would be really nice to have this set of tools in
| Debian, I'd rather suggest you either find some way to build only
| package the free parts, or wait with the packaging until the
| whole legal issues have been resolved and the entire package
| is free.  While a 65xx/65xxx-development kit would be nice,
| do we really want it at the expense of yet another non-free
| package?
| Regards: David

I could pull the compiler out of the package entirely, but one problem with
that is that it's required to build some of the libraries that come with the
package. I'd have to make some rather sweeping changes to the upstream
tarball, removing the non-free bits or the bits that need non-free to build.
It's possible, but impractical and I'm not totally sure it's worth the
effort, to be honest. Perhaps you could make some suggestions on how exactly
to split the free parts out? I have some ideas myself but I'd like to hear
yours. :)

Thanks again for the interest.
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