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Re: RFS: cc65 - Cross development suite for 65xxx processors

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| I'll have a look at this package this weekend, and if everything is ok,
| I'll sponsor you.  I've got 16 years of experience with 6510-assembly,
| which should be enough...  Granted, I haven't done any
| 65816-programming.
| Regards: David Weinehall

I should mention that after discussing this with upstream[1], it turns out
that four source files actually do fall under the old license, making one
program non-free. 95% of it is in contrib, because the program that's
non-free is the C compiler, and I decided that was important enough to be a
Depends. So it's been split into three packages now, cc65 (the free
binaries, contrib/arch), cc65-compiler (the non-free binary, non-free/arch)
and cc65-libs (the platform specific libs, but which I believe are
architecture independant, because they are simply built by the cc65 tools
themselves, contrib/all). Somebody told me that a lot of DDs don't like
sponsoring non-free packages, so I hope that doesn't change your mind. But I
thank you for the interest either way!

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2004/06/msg00544.html
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