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RFS: I'm looking for a sponsor to help me to upload the "swatch" package

I've adopted the "swatch" package but I need your help
to continue working on it. As I red I need a sponsor
to approve and upload the package. Can you help me to
find a sponsor? I have a GPG key but I dont know who
to sign it ? In fact I need info how to finish the
process to become DD and to be able to upload the
swatch package alone.
Here is the info according of the debian-mentors FAQ: 

1. "Swatch" package 
2. http://swatch.sourceforge.net/ 
3. GNU General Public License
4. log file viewer with regexp matching, highlighting,
& hooks
 Swatch is designed to monitor system activity.  It
reads a configuration file which contains pattern(s)
to look for and action(s) to perform when each pattern
is found. A typical action is echoing the matched line
in a variety of colours and formats including bold,
underline, and normal, which swatch knows how to do
internally.Other actions include sending mail or
executing an arbitrary program on the line.Swatch is
written in Perl and uses Perl regular expressions for
line.Swatch started out as the "simple watchdog" for
activly monitoring log files produced by UNIX's syslog
facility. It has since been evolving into a utility
that can monitor just about any type of log. 

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