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Re: RFS: kmuddy - KDE Mud Client

* Mika Hämäläinen <mika.j.hamalainen@tut.fi> [040421 23:25]:

> Description: KDE Mud Client
>  KMuddy is a MUD client for KDE desktop environment. It should work on any OS
>  that can run KDE. This includes UNIX/Linux systems and maybe some more...
>  It supports triggers, aliases, advanced scripting with any language which
>  supports standard input/output and much more.

Well, beside the fact, that I need to run google to find out, what a
"MUD client" is (should be read as: Could you please write that out at
the fist mention?), I don't think that it is that interessting for
Debian users, that this package would run on other systems, too.

Yours sincerely,

PS: No, I can't sponsor you, even if your package description would
satisfy me, since I'm not a DD, too ;)

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