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Re: files in one package for another package

Michael Wiedmann <mw@miwie.in-berlin.de> writes:

> What is the best way to handle the following situation:
> package A (unofficial "beamer" in my case) contains some support
> files for an official package B ("lyx-common"). These support files
> have to be copied into the directory tree of package B.
> How can I determine at installation time whether package B is
> installed?
> Can I simply copy the files into their places of package B?

I think in most cases it is best if you simply install the files as part
of package A, regardless of whether B is installed.

For example, look at the packages "msql-server" and "ntpdate".  Both of
these contain support files for the package "logcheck".  These files are
installed regardless of whether logcheck is present.  The extra files
don't hurt users who don't use logcheck.

Package A can declare "Enhances: lyx-common" to let users know that it
includes extra functionality for package B.

> Or should I build a separate package C, which only contains these
> support files and has a dependency on package B (this looks like
> overkill to me)?

I agree this is overkill, unless the support files are especially large
or independently significant.

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