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Re: RFS: stripclub - Online Comic Reader/Archiver

Brian Nelson wrote:

Oops, I didn't realize you're also the upstream author.  That makes the
copyright more OK than I realized.  Still, you should include more on
the GPL (versioning, etc.), like in the example in that email.
Fixed, I believe.

Normally you create a package using the current policy version as a
guideline, and then keep it up to date by following
/usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz .  Often, it's
OK to just increase the number, but always check the checklist first.
I just checked the checklist, the only thing different doesn't apply, so no changes neccessary. (Something about user promting with debconf, which I don't use.)

They're overly aggressive.  -fomit-frame-pointer makes debugging
virtually impossible AIUI, and -funroll-loops makes the code larger (and
likely slower due to more CPU cache misses).  Also, Debian Policy states
you should include -g to include debugging information.  Specifically,
it says:


Well, if you're also the upstream packager, keeping the upstream tarball
pristine is less meaningful, so it's probably not much to worry about.

Fixed, regardless.

New files (upgraded the program to 0.6.2 while I was at it):


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