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Re: RFS: stripclub - Online Comic Reader/Archiver

Benjamin Cutler <cutler@cs.colostate.edu> writes:

> After dinking around with the build tools for a bit, I'm reasonably sure
> this is put together correctly, so here goes.
> I'm looking for a sponsor for my package stripclub, an online comic
> reader and archiver. It supports the vast majority of webcomics so far
> tested, though a few kinks still exist, mostly dealing with server
> oddities. The package was built with pbuilder (sid), and is lintian
> clean.

I see a few problems:

* You should change the RFP for stripclub to an ITP (just change the bug
  title), and then close the bug in the changelog.

* Your debian/copyright is lacking a bit.  See
  for more info.

* Standards-Version is out of date

* The short description is a little long for my tastes.  It seems it
  could be phrased more concisely.  Also, the long description is rather
  poorly written.  It contains incomplete sentences, and the use of
  acronyms like FLTK should be avoided.  See section 6.2 of the
  developers reference.

* The debian/rules file contains a lot of commented out commands left
  over from the dh_make template.  It's best to clean it up and remove
  commands that will never be used.

* The debian/stripclub.doc-base.EX file should be removed.  It's just a
  dh_make example file.

* The upstream optimization flags look retarded.  "-O3
  -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops"?  What is that about?  This isn't

* The md5sums don't match the upstream tarball.  It looks like upstream
  distributes the file as a bz2, so the .orig.tar.gz can't match, but
  the .tar file inside should still be identical.

You win again, gravity!

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