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Re: RFS: stripclub - Online Comic Reader/Archiver

Nicolas Kratz wrote:

Ahem. You DO know that tools like this one are actively damaging online
comic creators?

Most of them are getting a fair share of their revenue from ad sales,
which stripclub, komics etc. pp. are bypassing, or merchandise, which
the user of stripclub will not know about since s/he is never visiting
the site. This is a recurring theme, last seen on the UF board[0].

I'm not saying that this should not be packaged. There may be users who
can't get their daily fix otherwise. But I think they should be damn
well aware what they are doing. If that means plastering a warning
across a splash/nag screen, amen. The rest of us, please support online
comics. I for myself want them to stay.


[0] http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/read.cgi?id=20040407&tid=1118150

Point made. While I, personally, don't feel any regret (I've been a Premium Keenspot member for two years, have every Sluggy book). I'll be sticking a splash screen into the next build saying just that. Perhaps I should move the "Per-comic donation links" todo item up in my list. A "store" link sounds like a good idea too. One reason I've not done this already is my lack of knowledge of any "standard" way to have a Linux system spawn a webbrowser with the URL. Coding for specific browsers is an option, but is there an easier way?

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