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Re: RFS: stripclub - Online Comic Reader/Archiver

1) You could pop up a message box saying "You can now import your comics from "/home/.../.../whatever". Or even better, you could pop up the import dialog, already open to the right directory. That would make it feel a little bit more user-orientated, and people like me wouldn't get confused and mail you saying that it didn't work.

Also, the downloading thing is very nice, but it would be nice to also include the current comics list in case the user can't get through to sourceforge.

Oops, that's what I get for hitting send too fast.

As for having it open the import dialog into the cache dir, that's a good suggestion, and I'll add it when I get some time.

I'm copying this to the list so that any potential sponsors will be aware of your attitude towards bugs in your package.

Another user sent me an e-mail just yesterday to let me know my program wasn't working with one comic (Perki Goth). She was very specific, supplied her debug log, and her .comic file. I was quickly able to create a bug fix, and released a fixed version of the program the same day. Just an example.

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