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Re: RFS: stripclub - Online Comic Reader/Archiver

Benjamin Cutler wrote:
Jepri wrote:

Ummmm... your program downloads its comics list and then doesn't display any of them. When I entered some manually, it was unable to parse the document correctly becaues it kept interpeting the first line of the document as the header ( kept saying it couldn't interpret <DOCTYPE ....> )

You have to actually import the comic files once they're downloaded, I figure most people don't want or need all the available comics in their menus. As for the other thing, I don't know what you did, but it had to have been strange, as the program doesn't care about the headers... just <img> and <a>.

'Kay, couple of points here.

1) You could pop up a message box saying "You can now import your comics from "/home/.../.../whatever". Or even better, you could pop up the import dialog, already open to the right directory. That would make it feel a little bit more user-orientated, and people like me wouldn't get confused and mail you saying that it didn't work.

Also, the downloading thing is very nice, but it would be nice to also include the current comics list in case the user can't get through to sourceforge.

2) Please don't be so *lame* as to blame a user for the problems in your program. The strange thing I did was type "dpkg -i stripclub". If I have an incompatible parser library installed, or other system issues, then it is most definately your problem as a packager, not mine as a user. Especially since I have an almost-vanilla Debian install going.

I even checked the help screens to make sure I was doing it right, as I noted below.

The help screens are blank,

Yeah. Silly me. Fixed. (Only an issue when installed/packaged.)

Perhaps a test suite is needed.

People (including myself) have been using the program for a couple of weeks now without too many problems... so, other than the blank help screen, I think it's working fine.

Except for the fact that it doesn't actually work. It doesn't really matter what you think, because I have the error message in front of me, and no comics.

Admittedly, I didn't give you the best error report in the world, but immediately blaming a Debian user for not installing it right is a big warning sign.

I'm copying this to the list so that any potential sponsors will be aware of your attitude towards bugs in your package.

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