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Re: .desktop files

Alle 12:31, mercoledì 7 aprile 2004, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo ha scritto:

> Yeah I like freedom. We all like freedom. That's the reason we
> participate in Debian. But there should be some standards, cause too
> much freedom leads to anarchy ;)

The answer is www.freedesktop.org. I think this issue is addressed somewhere 
there, but I can't point to a more precise url.

> > u/sh/applnk - a KDE menu entry
> > u/sh/applications - a KDE application entry ;-)
> > u/sh/gnome -  gnome only?
> > u/share/.../mime - a mime type
> What's the difference between KDE menu entry and application entry?
> Sorry for silly question, but I don't use KDE.

None. As I understand it, kde (<=3.1.x) uses /usr/share/applnk, while kde 
(>=3.2) uses /usr/share/applications/kde. The location was changed to be 
compliant with some freedesktop.org standard, but the current kde still also 
looks in /usr/share/applnk for backward compatibility. Anyway, every package 
that places files in /usr/share/applnk is kind of obsolete, and someone 
should probably file a bug, though I'm not sure about the severity (it's not 
official Debian policy, so it shouldn't be "serious").


> Thanks for comments.
> regards
> fEnIo



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