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Re: RFS: mp3gain -- Lossless mp3 normalizer with statistical analysis

"Bruno Barrera C." <bruno.barrera@igloo.cl> writes:
> On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 18:24, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
>> On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Bruno Barrera C. wrote:
>> > - I Think you must read [0](Looking at the Architecture field)
>> Upstream supports only i386 and I somehow doubt that the source is 64bit
>> clean (I currently have no way to test this, though). What is the
>> preferred method of handling this? Just set architecture to any and see
>> what happens on other archs. Or first try to determine which architectures
>> work?
> I think the best idea is try to determine in which architectures it will
> work, because if you set architecture any and it doesn't work in some,
> your package will be in a hard and long way to get into testing :).

No, it won't. It's no problem for a package if it fails to build on an
arch it was never built on before. 

For a NM, without access to the Debian project machines to test the
package, the easiest way is to release the it with Arch: any, look at
the build logs and fix all errors (or, if that doesn't work, change the
Architecture: header).

Update: I've just tested the build on merulo.d.o (ia64), no problem
there. OTOH, you should really fix those warnings (the same ones you see
when compiling on i386).

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