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Re: Iuusues when packaging libraries..

> I am responsible for the package htdig. Htdig is a full-text indexer for 
> (local) sites, ie. will generate a full-text (searchable) index of that 
> site.
> The thing is written in C++, and comes with loads of libraries. While 
> the procedure described in the various manuals (the shlibs system) is 
> great if you have very few libraries that do not interdepend, it is imo 
> not a solution for cases like mine (over 30 libraries, that interdepend).
> Hence my mail to this list. I am looking for a solution to package those 
> libs, if possible without getting warnings like:
> >dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: could not find path for (libraryname-version.so)

If you're using dh_shlibdeps, they seem to do what you probably want to do:

           Before dpkg-shlibdeps is run, LD_LIBRARY_PATH will have added to it the specified directory (or directories -- separate with colons). This is
           useful for multi-binary packages where a library is built in one package and another package contains binaries linked against said library.
           Relative paths will be made absolute for the benefit of dpkg-shlibdeps.
           Note that the directory given should be the complete or relative path to a directory that contains the library. See example below.
       -Lpackage, --libpackage=package
           Use the shlibs file automatically generated by dh_makeshlibs for the named package as a kind of automatically generated shlibs.local file.
           You can use this switch in concert with the -l switch to make dpkg-shlibdeps find a library built as part of the current package, and get the
           shlibs information.  See example below.


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