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Re: Becoming a Developer...

First off I'll admit I only gave a quick glance at the "Debian New Maintainters' Corner", but from what I saw, it looked like the first step wasn't an automated thing. It sounds like the first thing I need to do it get to know some of the current developers...

In summary the reason I want to become a developer is that I have a program I've been working on for the last couple of weeks, and it's reached a point that I think it could benefit from being included in the Debian archives. It's already active enough to rank #223 in Sourceforge's weekly "most active projects" list, though I realize that statistic seems rather specious at best. Basically it's a comic reader that lets you browse through online comic archives sans a web browser, saving time and bandwidth, because it only downloads and displays what you tell it to. The SF URL for it is as follows:


I've already tossed together a test .deb just to make sure it works, but I realize that's probably putting the cart before the horse, not to mention there's probably quite a few "newbie" mistakes I did putting it together.

So, I guess my real questions are... who can, or is willing to, help me with both getting some of my checklists done, or perhaps feels like taking over the packaging itself, so I have one less thing to worry about? Any advice/warnings are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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