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Re: Becoming a Developer...

On 2004-04-02 Benjamin Cutler <cutler@cs.colostate.edu> wrote:
> First off I'll admit I only gave a quick glance at the "Debian New 
> Maintainters' Corner", but from what I saw, it looked like the first 
> step wasn't an automated thing. It sounds like the first thing I need to 
> do it get to know some of the current developers...

> In summary the reason I want to become a developer is that I have a 
> program I've been working on for the last couple of weeks, and it's 
> reached a point that I think it could benefit from being included in the 
> Debian archives.

These two things (you becoming a maintainer and the program you have
written being included in Debian) are only loosely connected:

* The program can become part Debian without you maintaining it.
  (Neither Linus Torwalds nor Larry Wall are DDs[1] either ;-) Submit
  a request for package bug ("RFP") using "reportbug wnpp" and hope
  somebody picks up.

* You can maintain the package without being an official DD. - You do
  the actual work and a DD doublechecks and uploads it for you. This
  is called "Sponsoring".

Applying for becoming a DD by starting the NM process usually should
only be done after you have participated in Debian for some time. The
unofficial debian-mentors FAQ
explains this in more detail.

          hth, cu andreas

[1] Debian developer. people with a fancy @debian.org address and the
possibiltiy to upload packages.
"See, I told you they'd listen to Reason," [SPOILER] Svfurlr fnlf,
fuhggvat qbja gur juveyvat tha.
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