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Re: pgAdmin3 packaging issue / Static link

Hi Martin,

Martin Albert wrote:

On Saturday 21 February 2004 16:06, Raphaël Enrici wrote:
I'm sorry to insist, but do you think that the workaround described
below is acceptable regarding debian policy ? By workaround, I mean
(shorrt version): as the libs needed by pgAdmin3 won't enter debian
for the moment (and may be never as they are patched versions of the
official ones), I added them to the pgAdmin3 package and linked
statically against these particular ones, just as if they were part
of pgAdmin3 (which is more or less "the truth" in the present
Looks too nice to suggest they use an unpatched version.
I think they will try if upstream wxWindows do a release. As far as I understood, major wx patches (major to the pgAdmin team but may be not to wx team) are really needed for pgAdmin3 to run correctly. All wx patches used by pgAdmin team have been submitted to the wx team. Somme accepted, some not for the moment.

I see no technical problem, nor with policy at first glance.
That's good news!

But i dont't understand your comment in #199822:
The pgadmin team uses a patched version of wxWindows 2.5 that won't integrate debian for the moment. As debian packages must be build dynamically we can't upload pgAdmin3 packages until wxWindows 2.5 packages become available. Ron Lee who is responsible of the wxWindows packages is aware of this and will provide packages as soon as he thinks that it becomes stable enough.

Ron Lee will provide 'officially patched wxWindows'? If your package is good, go and integrate debian libs later, else wait for them to come.
At the time of my comment, I was in contact with Ron Lee to know if he was about to release a package of a cvs snap of wxWin. So, Ron is aware that pgAdmin do need a wxWin 2.5.x packages in debian and that pgAdmin would really be interested by a build with gtk2 an unicode support (pgAdmin3 and may be other softwares requisites). Patched or not will depend on acceptance of patches submitted to upstream wxWindows. I presume I'll go further in the way adopted now (integrated wxWin libs to pgadmin3 package) and try to get something running properly with dyn libs as soon as new wxWin are uploaded to debian.

My 2c, have a nice day, martin
Thanks for your answer!


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