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Re: pgAdmin3 packaging issue / Static link

Dear all,

I'm sorry to insist, but do you think that the workaround described below is acceptable regarding debian policy ? By workaround, I mean (shorrt version): as the libs needed by pgAdmin3 won't enter debian for the moment (and may be never as they are patched versions of the official ones), I added them to the pgAdmin3 package and linked statically against these particular ones, just as if they were part of pgAdmin3 (which is more or less "the truth" in the present situation).

If I should post such questions to another list, just tell me, I'll do. For now, I don't want to be too noisy. (hope this post was not considered noisy)


Raphaël Enrici wrote:

Dear debian mentors,
pgAdmin3 (http://www.pgadmin.org) is a graphical administration interface for PostgreSQL based on wxWindows (http://www.wxwindows.org). The product is built against a wxWindows version 2.5.x with specific patches from upstream pgAdmin3 developers applied. As of the discussion with pgAdmin3 upstream developers and with Ron Lee (wxWindows packager)[I contacted him last summer and last winter], it seems that wxwindows 2.5.x won't enter debian until a moment and that the pgAdmin development team will maintain its own version of wxWindows for a while because the patches applied to the wxWin snapshots have not all been approved until now by wxWin development team. So, after a discussion with Vincent Renardias (my first pgAdmin3 sponsor) and Michael Meskes, it comes to me to integrate the build of wxWin patched snapshot directly in the pgadmin3 package and to link statically to the libs pgAdmin3 requires until an official package of wxWin 2.5.x comes out. Andreas Tille which is interested in replacing Vincent Renardias (too much busy at the moment) for the sponsoring of pgAdmin3, asked me to post for help regarding this particular packaging issue as he thought it was out of his personal skill. So, I would be *really* interested to here your mind on how to do it the best.
The ITP bug report for pgadmin3 can be found here:
The package I'm working on can be found here:
Or with apt:
deb-src http://www.pgadmin.org/snapshots/linux/debian experimental/official pgadmin
And for i386:
deb http://www.pgadmin.org/snapshots/linux/debian experimental/official pgadmin
Any comments are welcome.
Best regards,

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