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Re: RFS: BinClock - binary clock

On Saturday 21 February 2004 04:04, Nico Golde wrote:
> * Nico Golde <nion@gmx.net> [2004-02-21 01:46]:
> Hello I search a sponsor for my packet binclock.
> I read more documentation and know the package is lintian bug free.
> > You can find the files it under:
> sorry, this is right:
> > 	http://www.ngolde.de/debian/binclock_1.3-1.diff.gz
> > 	http://www.ngolde.de/debian/binclock_1.3-1.dsc
> > 	http://www.ngolde.de/debian/binclock_1.3-1_i386.deb
> regards nico

Hi, Nico!

I looked at your tarfile, but the diff could not be found.

Do you offer your package on any website of yours already? I'd say do so 
and find users and friends of your program and go ahead with it. The 
files in your tar file look nice and you seem to try to do proper work.
There are means to make your apt-get'table program available to users on 
registers of unofficial apt-get sites. I can't give you details, don't 
know them - my net connection is not good.

You might think of developing your source code further, eg. make use of 
preprocessor constants for the program defaults of the configuration 

You found packaging manual and other documentation already? Search the 
websites, google, _*the pkg-archive*_ - may the source be with you :-)
Try the mailing list archives on www.d.o and elsewhere, reading in 
debian-devel can enhance your english vocabulary incredibly and 
together with -mentors teach you lots about the 'unwritten' procedures 
and measures towards quality.

Personally i would not choose to keep your package installed. There may 
be more users of Debian underneath their desktop, that might want such 
a toy in their 'panel', as KDE calls it; i'd then look over your 
package again, given that we had a toys section in the archive by then. 
Debian developers like anybody who is going to help with any of the 
workareas for them to improve and KDE, for instance, really has some 
source code to show. ;)

However you gain the experience, i hope that you staying with Debian 
will be enyoing and enlightening for you, the community and Debian 

Have a nice day,
martin - the expressed opinion is my own at Sun Feb 22 02:04:26 CET 2004
G.Marx - These are my opinions. If you don't like them, i have others.

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