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Re: RFS: BinClock - binary clock

Hello Martin,

* Martin Albert <MartinAlbert@gmx.net> [2004-02-22 12:35]:
> I looked at your tarfile, but the diff could not be found.

the diff was totally broken so i copied the upstream source in another
directory with the debian directory and build it.
then there was no other diff file :(

> Do you offer your package on any website of yours already?


> lI'd say do so
> and find users and friends of your program and go ahead with it.

there are already friends and users of this program.

> The
> files in your tar file look nice and you seem to try to do proper
> work.

thank you very mouch.

> There are means to make your apt-get'table program available to users
> on
> registers of unofficial apt-get sites. I can't give you details, don't
> know them - my net connection is not good.

i think the most users use official debian mirrors?

> You might think of developing your source code further, eg. make use
> of
> preprocessor constants for the program defaults of the configuration
> variables.

yes, that is a good idea, i'll think about it.

> You found packaging manual and other documentation already?

for packaging debian packages?
yes, i read the debian new maintainers guide, the policy, a few
tutorials and the important parts of the developers reference to pack
the program.
was it that what you mean or have i misunderstood you?

> Search the
> websites, google, _*the pkg-archive*_ - may the source be with you :-)


> Try the mailing list archives on www.d.o and elsewhere, reading in
> debian-devel can enhance your english vocabulary incredibly and
> together with -mentors teach you lots about the 'unwritten' procedures
> and measures towards quality.

i'd be glad to become an official debian maintainer, but i think the way
is very hard and i don't really know where to start.

> Personally i would not choose to keep your package installed.

oh :(

> There may
> be more users of Debian underneath their desktop, that might want such
> a toy in their 'panel', as KDE calls it; i'd then look over your
> package again, given that we had a toys section in the archive by
> then.
> Debian developers like anybody who is going to help with any of the
> workareas for them to improve and KDE, for instance, really has some
> source code to show. ;)

why do you compare it with kde programs? it is a text based program and
i hate kde.

> However you gain the experience, i hope that you staying with Debian
> will be enyoing and enlightening for you, the community and Debian
> developers.

yes shure
regards nico
p.s. sorry for my bad english, i am 17 years old and i learn english
only in school.
Nico Golde nico <at> ngolde <dot> de
public key available on:
echo "[q]sa[ln0=aln256%Pln256/snlbx]sb729901041524823122snlbxq"|dc

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