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cryptoloop-source, anyone taking over?


The PTS shows cryptoloop-source to be orphaned, with a note that
someone is intending to take over. The note is quite old now and
references a bugreport which gives no further clues.

At the moment, I am maintaining "enterprise kernel" packages which
depend on this package, and I have made modifications to it to support
2.4.24. To me, enterprise means storage management with EVMS, block
device encryption, and memory >1GB. My private archives are here:

deb http://juergen.strobel.info/debian-strobel/ unstable kernel
deb-src http://juergen.strobel.info/debian-strobel/ unstable kernel

Note that the cryptoloop package there is probably not very debian
compliant. It puts all the required changes in the "kernel patch"
part, as opposed to having kernel patch and an extra module package.
And I left the old module parts in the package so it has to be
disabled when making kernels with make-kpkg. I found out about
module-assistant & co after I made this.

If someone wants to sponsor me, I'd be willing to rework it.

I have been working at an ISP for the last 3 years, using RedHat,
Slackware, and migrating to Debian in the end. I can program or at
least read code in most major languages and a few exoctic ones. I have
submitted bug reports and feedback to Debian and other projects in the
past, and would like to become part of the official team. My further
interests are networking, apache, php, java, postgresql.
cryptoloop-source seems to be a safe starting point.


 The box said it requires Windows 95 or better so I installed Linux

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