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problem with files in /etc/dir.d (continued)


Thanks to the persons who have kindly answered my questions about the
/etc/dir.d/ problem.

At the beginning, the software did use the /usr/etc/dir.d
configuration directory, but then the packaging system would complain
that this is not a standard location. I used this location because
that is simpler, using the ${prefix}-based variables from the
autotools (that is : ${sysconfdir} will resolve to /usr/etc if
${prefix} is /usr).

So, if it is not correct to put the stuff in /usr/etc (can someone
help me decide if this is actually forbidden ?), I'll put the conf
files in a /usr/share/thepackage/dir.d directory. 

In fact, I seem to understand that /usr/etc is forbidden by the
standards. However, then, why do the autotools provide a ${sysconfdir}
variable that resolves to /usr/etc if ${prefix} is /usr ?.

Thanks so much for your help,



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