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Re: problem with files in /etc/dir.d

On 2004-02-12 Filippo Rusconi <rusconi@mnhn.fr> wrote:
> I effectively get the said file in 

> debian/polyxmassdata/etc/polyxmass.d/polyxmassdata.conf

> telling me that the "make install" target has worked ok.

> However, I also noticed that this file is referenced here:

> debian/polyxmassdata/DEBIAN/conffiles

Debhelper in >=v3 mode will automaticaly flag all files in /etc as

> although I never had a conffiles for this package, because the
> polyxmassdata.conf SHOULD be overwritten upon a new install.

Then it is misplaced in /etc (which is a release-critical bug) and
should go to /usr/share/.

> The result of all this is that the polyxmassdata.conf seems to be
> included in the deb file (as seen using "dpkg -X file.deb /tmp"), but
> does not get installed (presumably because, indeed, the debian
> packaging system does think it is a conffile).

dpkg-conffile handling preserves file-removal.

> So my question ? How can I have a configuration file installed
> somewhere in /etc without having the debian packaging system think it
> is a conffile ?

Please read policy 10.7 and check whether this indeed is a
"configuration file" as specified by policy ("Typically, configuration
files are intended to be modified by the system administrator") which
requires you to fulfill 10.7.3, "local changes must be preserved".
                 cu andreas
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