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Re: upgrade with incompatible conffiles

Am Die, den 10.02.2004 schrieb Gaudenz Steinlin um 02:26:
> Hi
> I'm preparing packages for the new upstream version (2.0.2) of the
> Discover hardware detection system (referenced as discover2). The last
> version of discover in Debian is 1.5 (referenced as discover1). The name
> of the package is discover.
> The current discover package contains a conffile /etc/discover.conf. The
> new version of discover will contain a conffile with the same name in
> the package libdiscover2. The format used for the configuration file is
> incompatible between these two version. If no configuration file with
> the new format is installed, discover will stop working. 
> My question is how to best handle this situation for upgrades. I already
> figured out, that libdiscover2 should "Conflicts: discover (<< 2.0)".
> But on upgrade dpkg asks if it should install the new version of the
> conffile (because discover was not purged and /etc/discover.conf still
> exists). Because the package which contains the conffile changed, this
> question is even asked if the user did not change /etc/discover.conf.
> How can I avoid this question (at least if the file is unchanged)? 
One solution would be to remove the conffile in the preinst script of
libdiscover2 if it was not modified. Is this acceptable?
Because the old conffile does not work with the new version of discover,
it could even make sense to rename the conffile even if it was modified.
Is this acceptable?

Any comments on these ideas are welcome as I'm a little bit unsure how I
should handle this upgrade and I did not get any help so far. 


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