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Sponsorship guidelines

This is a (very small) part of the reason I haven't been doing sponsorships
with the appropriate amount of vigour lately - I've been working on a more
automated and standardised approach to my sponsor work.  I've got a bit of
a pseudo upload queue happening, and I've got some behind-the-scenes scripts
doing more of the basic processing and checking for me.

But, the main reason I'm writing this message (apart from a tiny bit of
bragging, of course <grin>) is to ask the learned individuals of this list
to cast their eyes (or screen readers) over my sponsorship guidelines.  I'm
looking for suggestions for improvements, things I forgot to mention, and
anywhere I've mucked it up.

Discussion can be either on-list or privately, whatever you fancy.  I'd also
appreciate comments from potential sponsees as to whether the notes are
comprehensible, and whether I've gone power-mad.

- Matt

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