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Is this sufficient for an application?

Hello there,

some of you might remember my name, I have already applied for a Debian
maintainer status some time ago, but dropped it because of personal time

I've been working with Debian for three years now and consider myself to be
very experienced regarding the system. I maintain several servers and
routers and even support datacenters using Debian systems. I've written down
about 100 pages of documentation for myself right now.

To show my enthusiasm and to be "a part of the community", I would like to
become an official Debian "developer". The reason why I wrote developer in
quotation marks is that I'm not a programmer all the way. I can "hack" down
some scripts, but that's not my best job.

Mainly, I would like support the marketing and user support area, especially
focussing on Germans educational and governmental institutions, as I already
have experience in that field. I work together closely with some schools (on
a honorary basis, so I don't do this commercially) and plan to extend my

My question to you is: Is this already sufficient for an application, or do
I need to do all those technical skills tests like packaging, which I do not
need, as I don't want to contribute in that area?

Would like to be a part of the community and I hope someone can help me :-)

    -- florian

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