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Re: C library for numerical analysis and math

>If you want it to be widely usable, then I would also suggest packaging
>your software in .rpm format. I know a lot of people who work as
>sys-admins on Linux systems, and they feel much better when software is in
>.rpm, because that's what they know.

yes but i'll have to research how to make a good rpm. but i dont get it. i dont like rpms or even makefiles. i stick with good old scripting for compilation stuff.

>Yes, and put on your page a very detailed description of what your
>software does, what platforms it runs on, and so on. It would also be a
>good idea to detail what tests you've run that indicate your software is
>better than what exists.

since it is C then no doubt it is faster than octave but ofcourse i'll have a detailed description.

>I advise you to find a different name for your software. There are a
>couple of things out there that have the name "matlib", and it will create
>confusion with "matlab", a commercial product. Pick something that will
>stand out, like cheetamath.

actually this is my second math library. the first was in C++. but instead of just X for ploting curves it used sdl and opengl. i scrapped it for the C library. the C++ library was called mathsim.

>Where _are_ you from, just out of curiosity?

i'm from Lebanon. The place I study is called NDU. (Its run by money loving preists). just yesterday they were hanging up posters of .net (UNLEASH THE POWER of .Net) oh GOD i almost fainted.

>Good luck in what you're doing. Realize that what you're striving for (a
>math library that does everything, completely optimized) is the Holy Grail
>of scientific computing. Speaking as one who works in that area, when you
>do have a product ready to demo, there will be lots of people interested
>in what you have.

and thats exactly why im doing it. 

>Good luck! Sincerely,

>Craig Steffen

power to the penguin

Halim BouKaram


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